Saturday, May 22, 2010

Drumstruck Clip

Drumstruck Clips from Eric Elliott on Vimeo.

Various segments from my film Drumstruck (work in progress) Enjoy!

What's yours is Mime...

And now for the main event! I present to you Orville, the central character for my film. Orville embodies all the Elizabethan theatrically a street performer can have. On the outside it would appear Orville loathes music with a passion, secretly he has a deep seated love for dance. Upon hearing the sweet sound of music for his street performing counterpart, his body finds the will to dance. Enjoy the models!

Some Real Estate for Oscar

Some can models for Bastian's "Stomp" segment, Enjoy!

What's this kid made of?

Little Drummer Boy's, Drumset

Looks a bit uncomfortable if you ask me

For all you cool cats...

Let me introduce to you a good friend of mine, Bastian. Sidekick and straight man to Orville the mime, Bastian spends the majority of his time on the streets playing his heart out. Much of the inspiration for this character derives from my little brother, I had the most fun bringing this character to life. For now, enjoy a turn around of em'!

Would Hitchcock Approve?

This character allllmossst made it into the final cut of my film. He made it all the way to the modeling stage. His name is FatBird, and he had a cute little segment that eventually had to be cut due to time restraints. Based off a great illustration a friend of my (Christian Snyder) had done awhile back. Enjoy!

The Stage is Set!

While deciding on how best to texture my urban landscape, I through a quick blend overlay on the city. AND LOVE IT! Not because I was desperately running out of time to complete this project and looking for a quick fix that would satisfy the ever running clock and my aesthetic profile...heavens no. What did hit me immediately was how theatrical my sets became, they appeared more like set pieces that could be interchangeable on the Broadway version of West Side Story, and less like an actual enviroment. And since the film deals with two performers, I ran with it, Enjoy!

Where to begin?

Well folks school's out, and the cold splash of job hunt reality has hit my face with the lord's fury. And if I've learned anything about the industry thus far, marketing yourself is key! So expect many more post about my artistic ongoings, and feel free to leave love! But to start, let's take a few steps back and take an insider's look into my last film project. Here are some various shots of building models created for my latest film DRUMSTRUCK. I wanted to achieve a stylized feel for the main set piece, something that would convey the unsteadiness Orville (the mime) feels during the film, while also relaying a certain movement. Enjoy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

First Post!

Come one, come all, first post and introductions to my new blog home. Here you can find the latest and greatest of the artistic on-goings of Eric Elliott. I'm a soon to be graduate out of Laguna College of Art + Design, hailing from Southern California. I have in interest in filmmaking, particularly directing and producing feature films. Above you can see the theatrical poster for my new film Drumstruck in (a) theaters May 20th. Visit often for updates on my work, and feel free to visit my other blogsite with Laguna College of Art + Design here